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"Ecophysiological adaptations of Pinus nigra Arn., Aesculus hippocastanum L. and Palatanus acerifolia (Ait.) Willd. species in urban environments with different sources of pollution"

24th September 2018, 13.00

IBISS Library

"The effects of propofol induced anesthesia on synaptic plasticity, dopaminergic system activity and behaviour of juvenile rats"

21st September 2018, 13.00

IBISS Library

"The chemical properties of potentially toxic elements in soil and their impact on the functioning of the species Betula pendula Roth., Acer pseudoplatanus L. and Acer platanoides L. in urban areas of several industrial centres in Serbia"

21st September 2018, 12.00

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade

LecturerTijana Čubrić, project no.ON173025

Time: 4th September 2018, 13.00

Venue: IBISS Library


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