"Adaptive significance of intrapopulational mitochondrial DNA variation in Drosophila subobscura and D. obscura"

Wednesday, 17th May 2024, 13.00

IBISS Library

"Identification and expression analysis of genes involved in somatic embryogenesis of centaury (Centaurium erythraea Rafn.)"

Wednesday, 27th December 2023, 12:00

IBISS Library

"Contribution of early postnatal overfeeding to metabolic disorders in animal model of polycystic ovary syndrome"

Friday, 22nd December 2023

IBISS Library

"Genetic diversity and population structure of bat flies of the family Nycteribiidae and mites of the family Spinturnicidae, ectoparasites of the two cavernicolous bat species in Serbia"

Friday, 7th July 2023, 12:00

IBISS Library

"Transdifferentiation of mouse pancreatic alpha to insulin-producing cells using EpiCRISPRs directed DNA methylation"

Wednesday, 5th July 2023, 12:00

IBISS Library

"Superoxide dismutases in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.): characterisation of isoforms and expression under high temperature"

Tuesday, 4th July 2023, 12:00

IBISS Library

"Diversity and genetic variability of the Simuliidae family (Insecta: Diptera) in the area of the Balkan Peninsula"

Wednesday, 17th May 2023, 12:00

IBISS Library

"Effects of chokeberry fruit water extract on the immune system in mouse models of infection and melanoma"

Friday, 24th February 2023, 15.00

IBISS Library

"The lipid metabolism and glucocorticoid signaling in visceral adipose tissue and liver of Mif -/- mice on fructose enriched diet"

Wednesday, 2nd November 2022, 17.00

IBISS Library

"Feeding selectivity of brown trout Salmo cf. trutta (L.) as a factor of fishing success"

Wednesday, 28th September 2022, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Identification of AGP genes in centaury (Centaurium erythraea, Gentianaceae) and monitoring of their expression in response to tissue mechanical wounding in vitro"

Wednesday, 6th Jula 2022, 14.00

IBISS Library

"Biological potential and chemical profile of methanolic extracts of herbs Anthriscus cerefolium (L.) Hoffm. (Apiaceae), Ononis spinosa L. (Fabaceae) and Phlomis fruticosa L. (Lamiaceae)"

Monday, 6th Jun 2022, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Effects of oral cadmium-chloride intake on immune response in the lungs of rats in physiological and pathophysiological conditions of infection with opportunistic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus"

Wednesday, 1st Jun 2022, 14.00

IBISS Library

"Effect of salycilic acid on biochemical tolerance mechanisams of Impatiens walleriana (Balsaminaceae) to water stress"

Wednesday, 1st Jun 2022, 12.00


"Metabolic and redox profile of breast tumor and adipose cells in premenopausal women: the relationship with obesity"

Monday, 30th May 2022, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Effect of dehydration and rehydration on physiological response and the expression of
aquaporin genes and abscisic acid metabolism in Impatiens walleriana"

Monday, 16th May 2022, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Distribution of heavy metals in soils of the Sava River riparian zone"

Friday, 4th February, 12.00

Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade

"Effects of hydrogen-sulfide donor, morpholin-4-ium 4-methoxyphenyl (morpholino)phosphinodithioate, on immune cells involved in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis pathogenesis"

Tuesday, 28th December 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"The role of Src tyrosine kinase inhibitors in overcoming the intrinsically resistant and invasive phenotype of glioblastoma"

Tuesday, 14th December 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Effects of isoxanthohumol on the treatment of solid and metastatic melanoma: direct impact and interaction with chemotherapy"

Friday, 10th December 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"The content of potentially toxic elements in selected woody species as bioindicators of pollution in the riparian zone of the Sava River"

Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Physiological adjustment of larvae of gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar L., and brown-tail moth, Euproctis chrysorrhoea L., (Lepidoptera) to the effects of fluoranthene"

Monday, 6th December 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Chemical composition of macromycetes extracts, wild oregano and coriander essential oils and their in vitro potential in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis causative agents"

Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 13.00

IBISS Library

"Development of antitumor strategy by inhibition of thioredoxin reductase 1 in cell models of glioblastoma and neuroblastoma"

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 11.00

IBISS Library

"Synergistic effect of gibberellin and light on the induction of somatic embryogenesis from lateral roots of spinach (Spinacia oleracea l.) in vitro"

Saturday, 25th September 2021, 15.00

IBISS Lecture hall

"Sensitivity assessment of in vitro and in vivo tests in ecogenotoxicology and guidelines formulation for their application in studies of large lowland rivers"

Friday, 24th September 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Influence of environmental parameters on the common toad (Bufo bufo) population structure"

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 12.00

IBISS Library

"Characterisation of ecological and conservational status of Common Wall Lizard (Podarcis muralis) in Vojvodina province, Serbia"

Friday, 4th Jun 2021, 15.00

IBISS Library


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