Lecture hall


Laboratory Animal Rearing Facility and Operating Theatre

Fly room - climate room (temperature/humidity regulated) for Drosophila stock maintenance

Insect's room-microclimatic conditions (temperature, light, humidity) regulated room for rearing and maintance of populations of different insect species

The Plan of measures aimed at achieving and improving Gender Equality

UniSAFE - Ending Gender Based Violence (GBV)

General and safety code of conduct and practice applied to laboratories at IBISS

Code of practice for fieldwork of IBISS


Program PRISMA
IRIS - Genetic diversity maintenance and population dynamics in natural populations of endangered plant species: Flower color polymorphism in Iris pumila L.

- Environmental And Social Management Plan (ESMP) -


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11108 Belgrade


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Fax: +381 11 27 61 433

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