Friday, 10 March 2023 13:50

Zebrafish (lat. Danio rerio) as a model in biological research

Lecturers: Dr. Margareta Kračun-Kolarević and Dr. Stoimir Kolarević, Department of Hydroecology and water protection, IBISS

Time: Wednesday, 22nd March 2023, 13.00

Venue: IBISS Library


With this lecture, we want to present the work of the newly formed zebra hatchery to IBISS researchers. In Serbia, there are currently several institutions that use zebrafish in research. In 2021, our Institute was approved for entry into the Register for animal experiments for the keeping, reproduction and trade of zebrafish. In the same year, the Institute launched a project to create a breeding facility. Within the lecture, through examples, we will try to introduce the zebrafish model to the interested colleagues within the framework of current research topics. The floor is opened for discuss about the possibilities for expanding both basic and applied research that newly formed hatchery may provide, as well as plans for further development and improvement of the hatchery.

Zebrafish have been recognized as a reliable model used in various biological research since the 1960s. Simple and economical cultivation, rapid reproduction, relatively short development period and high regenerative potential make this species particularly popular in laboratories around the world. Cancer biology, biotechnology, ecotoxicology, behavioral biology, immunology, biology of aging, neurobiology, are just some of the topics in which this model can be of great importance.


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