Evaluation of cytotoxic, phototoxic and cancerogenic effect of 3HFWC compound, 2022

The aim of the project is to determine the potential cytotoxic, phototoxic and carcinogenic effects of the hyper-harmonized hydroxylated fullerene water complex (3HFWC) formulation, separately or in combination with nano-gold. Hydroxylated fullerene will be used as a referent substance. The tests will be performed in vitro on mouse 3T3 fibroblast cell culture in accordance with the 2019 SSCS guideline for testing nanomaterials (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety GUIDANCE ON THE SAFETY ASSESSMENT OF NANOMATERIALS IN COSMETICS). To overcome possible shortcomings of individual assays in determination of cell viability, 3 different tests will be used: measurement of mitochondrial respiration (MTT), adhesiveness (CV) and lysosomal function (NRU). For the carcinogenic potential, in vitro cell transformation test (CTA) will be performed, while the internalization of the substance will be detected with an electron microscope. The phototoxicity of the substance will be tested in vitro with the neural red test, simulating daylight under controlled conditions. Cellular and nuclear morphology will be monitored by light and fluorescence microscopy. The obtained results will indicate the possible toxicity of the experimental substances.

Period of the project: 2022

Leader of the project: Dr. Danijela Maksimović-Ivanić, Department of Immunology IBISS


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