Monday, 11 September 2023 11:42

Born to bee wild

Lecturer: Dr. Slobodan Davidović, Department of Genetics of populations and ecogenotoxicology, IBISS

Time: Wednesday, 20th Septembar 2023, 13.00

Venue: IBISS Library


The lecture will present the results of the SERBHIWE project implemented in the period from 2020-2022, and financed by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia as part of the first PROMIS call for young and promising researchers. During the implementation of the project, the genetic diversity of different free-living honey bee (Apis mellifera) populations from nature as well as those from beehives was investigated. The goal of these analyzes is a better understanding of the genetic diversity of this important species for the purpose of preserving natural populations and better management of managed ones. For two years of work, which included field research, 56 free-living colonies and 940 hives originating from different parts of Serbia were sampled. For molecular genetic analyses, the entire sample of free-living colonies was used, as well as a representative sample of 544 hives. Genetic diversity was analyzed at the level of two types of genetic markers: mitochondrial DNA and microsatellites from autosomal loci. The results of the project were published in five scientific papers and presented at several national and international scientific conferences. Also, three texts were published in specialized journals intended for beekeepers ("Srpski pčelar") and veterinarians ("Zdravlje životinja"). And as a crown, the significance of the conducted research was recognized by the Republic of Slovenia, and the SERBHIWE team was awarded the "Golden Bee", the most prestigious award in the field of promotion, conservation and research of bees and other pollinators.


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