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International Conference dedicated to the life and work of Milutin Milanković

On the occasion of 140 years of Milutin Milanković’s birth and 110 years since his arrival on the University of Belgrade it will be held the First International Conference
“The Life and Work of Milutin Milanković: Past, Present, Future”, 19-21. July 2019. Conference venues: Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering.

 The main objective of the conference is to provide a more comprehensive insight into all contribution to the world of science by presenting works from all the fields in which Milanković worked and created, as well as to recall his activities as a civil engineer, reformer of the calendar, historian of natural sciences and chronicler of the scientific events of his time. The purpose is to cover his work, from the University and Academy of Belgrade, to the astronomical theory of climate change, which explained the mystery of the ice age and predicted climate change on Planet Earth.

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