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COST Action Conference CA16112 NutRedOx Co-organized by IBISS

A conference of the COST Action CA16112 NutRedOx “Nutraceuticals in Balancing Redox Status in Ageing and Age-Related Diseases” - WGs Meeting of the NutRedOx COST Action CA16112 Belgrade, March 2-3, 2020, was organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute for Biological Research "Siniša Stanković" (IBISS)- National Institute of Republic of Serbia, Institute for Application of Nuclear Energy (INEP) and Institute for Medical Research (IMI) - National institute of Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade.

NutRedOx mart 2020 webMore than 70 researchers from 24 countries attended the conference and presented their research focused on the examination of the effects of redox active food compounds on aging and age-related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Twenty lectures were given, mainly devoted to research resulted from the mutual collaboration within this COST action. Particular attention was paid to encouraging the active participation of young scientists. Get together meeting of all four working groups of NutRedOx was held as well.

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