Friday, 16 December 2022 14:52

Final reporting on the projects in the Diaspora Cooperation program

Researchers from the Department of Immunology IBISS presented their projects on Wednesday, 14th of December 2022. during the monthly meeting of Serbian Society of Immunology.

Dr. Ivana Stojanović presented project: Treatment of type 1 diabetes with mesenchymal stem cells isolated from hair follicles (acronym: T1DmCell).

Dr. Bojan Jevtić presented project: Singl-cell RNAseq analysis of stromal lymph node cells (acronym: RseqACE).

Dr. Đorđe Miljković presented project: Novel sepsis animal model (acronym: SepsAnima).

All projects are financed by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, as part of the Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration Program.


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