Grant from Centre for the promotion of science (2017-2018): Biomonitoring of surface waters

Water, being of crucial importance for the survival of life on the planet, requires special care and attention. Through biomonitoring of the river flows in local communities better control of pollution and the strengthening of movements to preserve natural resources could be achieved. Among other tests, Allium anaphase-telophase test is successfully used to assess the potential toxic and genotoxic effects of different water samples. We aim, in this project, to apply this bioassay in order to examine the effects that wastewater from industries, domestic sewage and agriculture can have on quality of surface water. Water sampling in local rivers will be repeated on two occasions in order to cover toxic and genotoxic effects in water at different river levels. In addition to the assessment of the condition of the river, the main goal is to train pupils of elementary and secondary schools, as well as their teachers and professors how to independently conduct this type of testing. Through this we want to contribute to strengthening the ecological awareness among school-age children and improving the quality of practical teaching in schools.

Cooperators on the project:
Dr. Jelena Blagojević (project leader)
Ivana Budinski
Marija Rajičić
Dr. Vladimir Jovanović
Dr. Mladen Vujošević

Award for the best student proster presentation

At XIV European Bat Research Symposium (1- 5 August 2017, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain) Ivana Budinski won Wildlife Acoustics award for the best student proster presentation (Echo Meter Touch Pro 2 device and Kaleidoscope Pro Software licence).


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