Department of genetics of populations and ecogenotoxicology developed from the Department of Genetics, one of two Departments at the time of foundation of Institute of Biology in year 1947.

The main research focus are genetic phenomena related to dynamic of changes in genetic structure of populations and evolutionary processes, primarily on Drosophila species which represent extremely convenient and widely accepted model-system. The research with this model organism with us began in late 60ies and the end of 1969 marks the start of teaching at graduate level in Genetics. That was the basis for cooperation between our Department and Chair of Genetics and Evolution at Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, and we continued to be the only research “Drosophila lab” in the region, with widely recognized publications.

The main research directions are:

Spatial and temporal dynamics and evolutionary significance of genetic polymorphism at chromosomal, nDNA, mtDNA level.

The effects of genomic and environmental stress on genetic and phenotypic variability and developmental homeostasis in natural and laboratory populations.

Ecogenotoxicology and genotoxicology studies.


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