Our main and long lasting research interest is polymorphism of B chromosomes (Bs) in the yellow necked mouse, Apodemus flavicollis. We use different approaches: chromosome analysis, geometric and traditional morphometrics and molecular markers (microsatellites, mtDNA, AFLP, RFLP) with the aim to put more light on true biological significance of these interesting supernumerary chromosomes. We try to folow changes in the genetic-phenetic background through space-time in correlation with life-history traits and population demographic structure to better understand how species cope with different internal and external pressures by local adaptation. Our preliminary results, that correlate Bs presence with different response to endoparasites, promise us exciting future research. We expect a lot from our attempts to resolve true structure of Bs in this species.

Beside that we study phylogeny and genetic diversity of rodents, bats and carnivores using chromosome analyses, geometric and traditional morphometrics and different molecular markers. In the context of genetic structure, prevalence and intensity of macro and some micro (viruses) parasites dominant for studied species are monitored.

Furthermore, we investigate effects of environmental pollution in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. We apply tests for genotoxicity (Allium anaphase-telophase test, micronucleus test (fishes) and in vivo test for induction of chromosome aberrations in mammals).


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