petak, 06 maj 2022 08:22

Predavanje: Understanding the evolution of balanced lethal systems

Predavači: dr Ben Wielstra i PhD studenti Manon de Visser i James France, sa Univerziteta u Lajdenu (Leiden), Holandija

Vreme: sreda, 18. maj 2022. u 12.00

Mesto: Biblioteka IBISS


Balanced lethal systems pose an evolutionary enigma. In a balanced lethal system, all adult individuals consistently possess two distinct forms of a particular chromosome, both of which are essential to survival. Yet, according to the rules of Mendelian inheritance, every generation, 50% of the offspring obtain the same chromosome form twice; those individuals die during embryonic development. In an ERC Starting Grant-funded research program, we aim to determine how such an incredibly wasteful balanced lethal system could possibly evolve


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