Пројектни период 2006-2011.

FP7, EnviroGRIDS 226740 – Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development , 2009-2013

Montenegro coast Regional Public Water Supply System, Montenegro Government and WB/EBRD – Water Quality of the "Bolje Sestre" Skadar Lake Spring as Water Intake of the Montenegro coast Regional Public Water Supply System - Biological Aspect, 2006-2012

Fogarty International Research Award, NIH Award GC11479-128322 – The role of neurotrophins in anesthesia-induced developmental neuroapoptosis, 2007-2010

UNDP Serbia – Western Balkans Environmental Programme, Градски завод за јавно здравље, Београд, Република Србија, Министарство заштите животне средине и просторног планирања Remediation of the Grand Backa Canal – Biological analyses: Phases September-December 2008 and June-October 2009, 2009

BIVEP – Balkan in vitro Depot of Endangered Plants, 2008-2009

WB BA-PMT-QCBS/02/CS/08-BQS – Study of the Biological Monitoring of the Rivers and Lakes/Reservoirs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008-2009

EFSD/AstraZeneca Young Investigator Awards Programme – The role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in beta cell apoptosis and pathogenesis of obesity-associated type 2 diabetes, 2007-2009

ISHAM – Working Group on Bioprospecting, 2008

EC FP6 ALARM GOCE-CT-2003-506675 - Assessing Large-scale environmental Risks with tested Methods, 2007-2008

EC FP6 INCO-WBC-1-509213 – Psychobiology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, 2004-2008

ICPDR - Danube Survey 2 - JDS2, 2007

IPSA Institute, Energy Financing Team Group (EFT), EBRD, Colenco Power Engineering Ltd. – The TPP Stanari EIA Study: Hydroecological Study; Surface water quality endangered by industrial, communal and agricultural waste waters; Air, water and terestrial quality; Influences on Water, Flora and Fauna, 2006-2007

EU FP6 – INCO AQUATERRA N 505428 – Understanding river-sediment-soil-groundwater interactions for support of management of waterbodies, 2003-2006

Projects in collaboration with Government of the Czech Republic and the firm Dekonta-Aquatest, Praha-Belgrade – Remediation procedures in the war impacted areas – Pond in the southern part of Petrochemical Complex, Pančevo; River Ibar and the terrain nearby Fuel Storage Area, Bogutovac, 2002-2004

ICPDR – Program Joint Investigations of the Danube River in FR Yugoslavia (International JDS-ITR Program), 2001

Vulture Conservation Fund Frankfurt Zoological Society – The Balkan Vulture Action Plan, 2004-2014

COST акције

BMBS COST Action B30 Neural Regeneration and Plasticity: NEREPLAS, 2006-2010

BMBS COST Action B35 Lipid Peroxidation Associated Disorders: LPO, 2006-2010

FA COST Action FA0602:Bioactive food components, mitochondrial function and health, 2007-2011

FA COST Action 871 Cryopreservation of crop species in Europe, 2006-2010

Уговори о билатералној сарадњи

Република Словенија - Поређење различитих модел система за студирање антиоксидативног деловања биљних екстраката, 2008

Република Словенија - Биотехнологија биљака у пољопривреди: кооперативна истраживања, 2006-2007

Грчка - Секундарни метаболити изоловани из ендемичних и лековитих биљака грче и њихова антимикробна и цитотоксична/цитостатска активност, 2003-2005

Грчка - Секундарни метаболити изоловани из микромицета са атимикробном, цитотоксичном и антифидном активношћу, 2001-2003


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