CMST COST Action CM1105 - Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecules, 2012-2016

This Action will focus on the development of novel metallo-drugs in a structure-targeted approach. By targeting specific protein clefts, RNA, and less common but functional DNA structures, biomolecular recognition processes involving metal complexes will be exploited in the design of innovative metallo-drugs. A particular focus will be given to structural details of the molecular interaction between the metal complexes and their biomolecular targets. In addition, the process of targeting and delivery, the interactions of the metallo-drugs on the cellular level, and prodrugs with novel activation strategies that get activated only at their target site will be investigated. The metal complexes include bioorganometallic compounds, rigid polynuclear complexes of defined shape, and other coordination compounds. Drugs based on metal complexes offer an extremely diverse structural chemistry and are excellent candidates to explore new three-dimensional space when targeting biomacromolecules. The ultimate aim will be the development of new therapies for cancer, infectious, and virus-related diseases. An additional benefit will be the design of metal complexes as tools for diagnostics and in fundamental research.

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